CORONAS-F Tracking


Full Sun XUV spectroscopy imaging

Institutes: LPI, IAS, SAI

Principal Investigators: Dr. I.A. Zhitnik

Scientific goals

  • Dynamics of active Sun from high resolution X and XUV spectral images in the 1,85-304 Å band
  • Dynamics of non-stationary solar events - flares, jets, CME in time scale from ~1 sec to months
  • Diagnostics of fine structure of solar plasma in flares, active regions, coronal holes with T = 0,05-50 MK
  • Study of Fe- and He-ions distribution in solar disk and corona up to 5 Rsun

Technical parameters

Spectral bands of the SPIRIT instrument and excitation temperatures of ions in solar plasma

Spectral band, ÅMain ionsT, K°
1.85-1.87FeXXIV - FeXXV20 - 50
8.418 - 8.423MgXII10
177 - 207OIV, FeIX-XXIV, CaXIV-CaXVII0.3 - 16
285 - 335HeII, SiXI, FeXVFeXVI, MgVIII, NiXVII, CaXVII0.05 - 5
171 ± 3ÅFeIX -FeX1.3
175 ± 5ÅFeX - FeXI1.3
195 ± 6ÅFeXII1.6
284 ± 8ÅFeXV2
304 ± 8ÅHeII, SiXI0.05, 1.6

Contact address

More detailed information, data access policy and cooperation opportunities can be obtained at this location:

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