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Technical description

The SPIRIT instrument includes:

SRT-C telescope assembly
  • Ritchey-Chretien telescope for 171, 195, 284, 304Å bands (multilayer optics is analogous to the SOHO EIT telescope). FOV 42', angular scale 2,4"/pix.
  • Herschel telescope-coronagraph for 175, 304Å bands with off-axis paraboloids with Mo-Si coating. FOW 45', angular scale 2,6"/pix. In the coronagraphic mode the instant FOV 45' at 2-5 RSun.
  • two optical sensors to control pointing to the Sun by stars.
Optical design of the SRT telescope

RES-C spectroheliograph assembly
  • FeXXV full Sun bragg crystal spectroheliograph ( l = 1,85 - 1,87Å). Angular scale 1'/pix, spectral resolution 1,5·10-4Å.
  • two MgXII full Sun bragg crystal spectroheliographs ( l = 8,418 - 8,423Å) with orthogonal dispersion planes. FOV 1,3°, angular scale 4,1"/pix, spectral resolution 3·10-3Å.
  • two XUV diffraction grating slitless spectroheliographs, each gives full Sun spectral images in two selectable spectral bands 177 - 207Å and 285 - 335Å. Angular scale 6"x1'/pix, spectral resolution 3·10-2Å/pix.
Optical design of the RES-C spectroheliograph

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