CORONAS-F Tracking


Multichannel solar photometer

Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation (IZMIRAN)
Main Astronomical Observatory, National Academy of Sciences (GAO NANU), Ukraine
Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam (AIP), Germany

Principal Investigators:
Dr. Yu.D. Zhugzhda (IZMIRAN)

Scientific goals

Multichannel solar photometer DIFOS was designed to perform high-precision continuous observations of the solar radiation intensity variations. These observations onboard the CORONAS-F spacecraft are aimed at the study of p- and, possibly, g-modes of the global solar oscillations.

The design and technical characteristics of the DIFOS photometer are similar to SPM photometers onboard the SOHO spacecraft.

Having comparable to SOHO devices measuring capabilities DIFOS has twice as much observational spectrum bands and spans two times wider spectrum range from lower UV to infrared (350 nm - 1500 nm).

Comparing spectrum bands of observations of the SOHO and CORONAS-F projects

Technical parameters

  • radiation intensity is measured simultaneously in 6 optical spectrum bands by 8 photosensors: 350, 500, 650 (two measurement channels), 850 (two measurement channels ), 1100 and 1500 nanometers with the measuring bandwidth below 10% of the value of central wavelength.
  • relative intensity resolution is 210-6 of the total solar radiation intensity.
  • temporal resolution of intensity measurements - 33.5 sec.
  • spacial resolution is not available.
  • photometer observation angle - 2°.
  • precision of the photometer orientation towards the center of the solar disk is better than 10 arc. min (provided by the orientation system of the AUOS-SM).
  • the photometer consists of the photosensors unit PU and electronics unit EU.
  • Dimensions:
    • PU - 130130500 mm.
    • EU - 120230210 mm.
  • Weight:
    • PU - 4.0 kg.
    • EU - 2,0 kg.

Contact address

More detailed information, data access policy and cooperation opportunities can be obtained at this location:

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