CORONAS-F Tracking


Solar UV spectrophotometer

Fedorov Institute of Applied Geophysics

Principal Investigators:
Dr. A.A.Nusinov

Scientific goals

Experiment is aimed at monitoring of the integrated solar UV radiation in HLα in order to:
  • investigate the possibility of forecasting of the high radiation level events in the Earth's space environment during solar flares.
  • investigate correlation between the UV radiation flux and solar activity cycle parameters and possibility to predict the cycle amplitude 2-3 years in advance.
  • investigate interrelation between the fluxes of solar electromagnetic emission of various wavelengths to be used in standard solar radiation models

    Technical parameters

    The VUSS-L device is designed to measure solar UV radiation in the vicinity of the hydrogen resonance line HLα (121.6 nm) within the 120 nm bandwidth.

    Contact address

    More detailed information, data access policy and cooperation opportunities can be obtained at this location:

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