CORONAS-F Tracking


Solar UV Radiometer

Fedorov Institute of Applied Geophysics

Principal Investigators:
Dr. T.V.Kazachevskaya

Scientific goals

Scientific goal of the experiment is to monitor solar UV radiation in HLα in order to:
  • study the possibility of forecasting dangerous radiation levels in space environment resulting from the solar flares
  • study the relationship between solar electromagnetic emission in various spectrum bands in order to develop model solar spectrums
  • obtain data on the extreme solar UV radiation for the purpose of modelling the ionosphere and upper atmosphere of the Earth

Technical parameters

Solar ultraviolet radiometer SUFR-Sp-K is used to measure variations of the integral solar UV flux in several spectral bands ranging from 1 to 130 nm and to diagnose parameters of the solar flares in spectral band 0.1-130 nm and dynamic range 0.1-30 erg cm-2c-1. The device is also used for monitoring of the important element of space weather - geoeffective solar radiation.

Contact address

More detailed information, data access policy and cooperation opportunities can be obtained at this location:

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