CORONAS-F Tracking


Solar Spectropolarimeter

Lebedev Physical Institute (FIAN)
Skobel'tsyn Nuclear Physics Institute (NIIYaF) MSU

Principal Investigators:
corr. member RAN I.I.Sobel'man
Dr. I.P.Tindo
Dr. S.I.Svertilov

Scientific goals

The SPR-N solar spectropolarimeter measures the polarization of continuum X-ray radiation from solar flares in the spectral range 20-100 keV (nonthermal radiation from the accelerated electrons generated in flares).

Technical parameters

Basic chracteristics of the instrument are as follows:

Spectral range: 20 - 100 keV
Subbands:20 - 40 keV
 40 - 60 keV
 60 - 100 keV
Polarization detection sensitivity:~5% at flux 10-6erg cm-2s-1
Temporal resolution:4 - 16 sec

Contact address

More detailed information, data access policy and cooperation opportunities can be obtained at this location:

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