CORONAS-F Tracking


Published materials

  • RESIK: High-Sensitivity Soft X-Ray Spectrometer for the Study of Solar Flare Plasma, 1997, J. Sylwester, Z. Kordylewski, S. Nowak, I. Gaicki, V.N.Oraevsky, Boldyrev, I. M. Kopaev, A.I. Stepanov, V.Yu. Klepikov, R.D. Bentley, M.W. Whyndham, P.R. Guttridge, J.L. Culhane, J. Lang, K.J.H. Phillips, C.M. Brown, G.A. Doschek, CORONAS-F Project, ed. V. N. Oraevsky, IZMIRAN, in press

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