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X-Ray spectroheliograph

Lebedev Physycal Institute (FIAN)
Sternberg Astronomical Institute (GAISh)

Principal Investigators:
corr. member Russian Acad. Sci. I.I.Sobel'man
Dr. I.A.Zhitnik

Scientific goals

The Hot Plasma Solar Atmosphere Diagnostics With the Sun Images in X- and XUV Bands Spectral Lines

Technical parameters

X-Ray spectroheliograph RES-K is designed to obtain high resolution solar images and linear polarization data in the number of spectrum bands. RES-K includes three optical channels: Fe, Mg, XUV.

Fe channel:

    Solar images and polarization data in the spectrum band 1.85 - 1.87 Å (FeXXIV, FeXXV) with spectrum resolution 1.5 10-4 Å/cell and angular resolution 30"/cell.

Mg channel:

    Solar images in spectrum band 8.41 - 8.43 Å (MgXII) with spectrum resolution 3 10-3Å and angular resolution up to 6"/cell.

XUV channel:

    Solar images in spectrum bands 180 - 200 Å and 285 - 335 Å with angular resolution 6" and spectrum resolution 0.03Å/cell
All channels allow to build full solar disk image in 3 to 300 sec.

Contact address

More detailed information, data access policy and cooperation opportunities can be obtained at this location:

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