CORONAS-F Tracking


Flare Spectrometer

Ioffe Physical Technical Institute

Principal Investigators:
Dr. G.E. Kocharov

Scientific goals

IRIS is designed to study Solar flare activity in X-ray spectrum band.

Technical parameters

IRIS is capable of registering solar X-Ray energy spectra in 2-200 keV spectrum band with 2.5-0.01 sec temporal resolution and ~ 10-8erg cm-2s-1 (~ 0,1 nWt/m2) sensitivity.

Soft X-Ray emission in 2-15 keV band and hard X-Ray emission in 15-200 keV band are registered in the following channels

Soft X-Ray, keVHard X-Ray, keV

Due to high sensitivity of the device in soft X-Ray band 1.74 - 2.07 Å (2-15 keV) even weak flares and X-Ray precursors are easily registered.

Contact address

More detailed information, data access policy and cooperation opportunities can be obtained at this location:

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