CORONAS-F Tracking


Technical description

DIOGENESS complex comprises three separate devices:

BS - X-Ray spectrometer
BF - X-Ray photometer
PRAM - Control block


  • BS is a scanning Bragg spectrometer (wavelength of the emission reflected by the crystal depends on the angle of incidence) with four flat crystals attached to the platform with a long lever. The platform smoothly turns together with the lever movement as the result of rotation of the Archimedian shaped cam. The cam is driven by the step motor.

    Two crystals are used by the dopplerometer scanning spectra simultaneously but in the opposite directions. Line of sight velocity of the solar plasma is determined from the relative displacements of the spectra. A slot collimator attached to the platform produces a photometric profile of the solar disk in the direction of spectrometer dispersion.

    Emission in the four spectrometer channels and behind the collimator is measured by the proportional detectors which are continuously calibrated by Fe55 source.

  • BF photometer (made in Check Republic) is a wide angle X-Ray photometer with two proportional detectors (identical to those of BS spectrometer). The detector consists of two identical communicating chambers simultaneously filled with gas. The chambers have inlet windows made of Berillium, one of which is being continuously irradiated with the Fe55 source. Constant signal from the calibration chamber is sustained automatically by varying magnitude of high voltage applied to the anodes of detector chambers.

  • The onboard control block PRAM (made in Check Republic) has three microprocessors; the main microprocessor is used for communication with the onboard control and data acquisition systems, the other two serve DIOGENESS and ion composition spectrometer SKI.

    In addition, PRAM is linked to the control block COMP of the RESIK device; it is used to control DIOGENESS working modes by downloading new programs from the CORONAS project ground station.

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