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Project data

CORONAS project is aimed at obtaining large amount of data on the physical processes occuring at the Sun and its environement in the broadest possible range of electro-magnetic spectrum.

Data Aqcuisition and Preprocessing

Data aquisition onboard the CORONAS-F spacecrafts is performed by both legacy sevice telemetry system (RTS) and newer one, SSNI, designed and assembled by CKIT specialists from IZMIRAN. RTS system was actively used in CORONAS-I mission but is practically not used any more because of its low data rate capabilities and outdated system support. The amount of telemetry received from the CORONAS-F devices varies from 80 to 150 MBytes of packed data daily. The collected data is transmitted back to Earth and recordered at the Satellite Ground Station in Neustrelitz (Germany). The obtained data is then automatically downloaded to IZMIRAN FTP server, preprocessed and temporarily stored for Project experiments' PIs to download them for further detailed processing. The original raw data is also transferred to CKIT for archival on CD-ROM disks.

Data Access and Usage Policy

Project PIs have access to the CORONAS section of the IZMIRAN FTP server where the preprocessed raw data is stored as well as some other relevant data (orbital information, etc.). The data on the FTP server is removed after 3-4 weeks to free space on the hard disk for fresh data. Requests for the data that is already removed from the FTP server should be directed to CORONAS operator

This site provides access to the local archive of processed CORONAS data.

Researchers interested in obtaining access to processed CORONAS data and/or cooperative research may also contact project PIs directly:

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